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How to watch ufc 254 live stream free from online

There is a piece of good news for mixed martial art lovers. Your long-awaited fight is going to take place recently. Yes, you are right! We are talking about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC 254). This is going to be a very challenging head to head competition between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justine Gaethje. And keep your finger crossed because we are going to share with you how to watch UFC 254 live stream online. Here you’ll get an idea for every possible way to watch it free. So stay with us.

About UFC 254

As you all know, UFC is a mixed martial art company, arranges martial art fights in a regular interval with night profile fighters. This time it is going to start a match, and this is the 254th match for them. The bout is slightly attached to UFC 253. This fight is going to be for the lightweight championship.

UFC company makes a deal with the present champion Khabib and the interim champion Gaethje for the event. And according to a sound source, both the two-player confirmed their participation.  In 254, there will be another middleweight match, and there Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier will fight. This two-player had a schedule in 248 due to  Whittaker’s issues they will face in UFC 254.

Date and location for UFC 254

The high voltage match of UFC lightweight competition between Khabib and Gaethje will take place on October 25, 2020. But it is a matter of the fact that the authority still doesn’t announce the area where the game will take place. So it will be great if you stay in our touch because we will update you about every detail related to UFC 254.

When does the UFC 254 fight will start

The highlighted match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and  Justin Gaethje is knocking at the door. So you should make yourself updated with the feature of UFC 254. For your convenience, we try to give you an update about the schedule of the UFC 254 match.

UFC 254 live 3

Here is the country-wise schedule of UFC 254 Live

Have a look and keep updated:


In the UK, the main program will start on October 25 at 8.00 ET AM.

The prelims will start at 6:00 AM BST.

The Early prelims will start at 4:00 AM.BST.


According to USA time, the main program will start on October 24, 2020, at 1:00 AM BST

The prelims will begin at 11:00 PM BST.

The Early prelims will start at 9:00 PM.BST.


According to AEDT, the mainprogram will start at 01:00 ppm.

The prelims will start on October 25, 11 PM.

The early prelims will start on October 25, 9:15 PM.

UFC fight card: UFC recently publish their fight card on their website, and we know many o you are eagerly waiting for it. So here is the UFC 254 fight card.

LightweightKhabib Nurmagomedov(28-0-0)Justin Gaethje[22-2-0)
MiddleweightAlexander Volkov ( 21-5-0)Walt Harris(13-4-0)
HeavyweightRobert Whittaker (31-8-0)Jared Cannonier ( 13-8-0)
UFC 254 Card

The main card and Preliminary card

The UFC authority still does not provide any information about the co-main card fight, and preliminary bouts occur in UFC 254. As the website publishes its schedule, we will let you know the details here.

Now, you have an idea about the time, date, location of UFC 254. This game is going to be one of the most robust head to head challenges. Like UFC 252 and 251, every viewer is going to enjoy the match with thrill. Are you not enough excitement to know the ins and outs of the two high profile fighters? 

We can feel the thrill and intending to calm your excitement; we will provide necessary information about Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib, known as The Eagle

It is a two-time Combat Sambo World Champion, and recently he has known the  UFC Lightweight Champion. With 28 wins and undoubtedly no losses. Moreover, he holds the longest active undefeated streak in MMA.  He is a fitness freak, and his never-ending love for Martial art comes when watching students training at the gym.

One more information will amuse you that Khabib is the first Muslim to hold a UFC championship. And he is the ranked #2 player in UFC. Because of his styling of grappling, he has become one of the most dominant athletes in the history of Mixed Martial  Art. He has a high profile of win without any loss. Still 2019, Khabib is the most followed artist in the MMA arena. He is the current champion in UFC.

Khabib debuts his career in September 2008, then later, he became the inaugural Atrium Cup tournament champion. He has a 16-0 record in Russia and Ukraine’s regional circuits, so maybe you know that this profile is enough to get a call up from the UFC.

He is also the black belt holder in Judo and Sambo. This mesmerizing player also acquired the trophy of Army hand to hand combat. He has two great trainers whose name are Abdulmanap Nurmagomedovand Javier Mendez. His stance is orthodox.

Justin Gaethje

Justin Gaethje is a young American mixed martial artist with a high profile of 22-2- 0. Recently he is competing in the lightweight Division of UFC and #11in men’ pound to pound position. This 31 years old fighter is the interim of Ultimate fighting Championship in the lightweight division.

He is known as The highlight. Despite having a wrestling career, he rarely looks for the takedown, and for his aggressive stand-up fighting style, he is one of the most popular to the viewers. His debuts in MMA was in 2011. He joined UFC in 2017.

Nowadays, he competes in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He positions 10 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings and is the recent  UFC Lightweight Champion. 

On May 4, 2017, Gaethje announced he had announced his WSOF title and signed with the UFC. He announced that on May 12 that he would make his debut against Michael Johnson in the first week of July at The UFC, which is known as redemption Finale.

Then Gaethje won the back-and-forth fight via TKO in the second round through a combination of punches and knees. This win gave Gaethje the Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night awards. Sherdog then gives aa name to this fight he best fight of 2017 and round 2 of the battle as the best round of the year.

How to Watch UFC 254 Live Stream Online

If you are a die-hard fan of Mixed Martial Arts, we can assume that you probably watched the previous show of the game, such as UFC 251,  UFC 253, etc. If so, you are already well known about watching UFC 254 live stream online.

In today’s article, we are sharing the thought for a newbie in the UFC corner. Maybe some crazy fans are waiting to see the match or fight. But unfortunately, he is not in the country or can’t afford the tickets to watch the show directly, no worries you will not miss this fight. But how?

Ok, If  YOU only follow the next steps, then you will be able to watch this fight with a cup of tea and a box of popcorn in your lap. But if you live in a remote area, you will face some problems with the connection because its coverage is slightly geographically limited. Moreover, most countries around the world currently recommend staying home due to the reason of COVID-19 pandemic, though it seems unlikely, you know there are some exceptions to each rule and we have to follow these for our own sake.

What if you are not at home due to some unavoidable reason, and you think that you can not watch UFC 254 as usual, but you can watch it easily. For this, you haven’t to use a VPN to change your IP address and then go back to the places where  UFC can usually be transferred or watched, and it can make you hassle-free, and you can enjoy the show.

Watch Live UFC 254 Live

VPNs can also be a great option to watch the show without any disruption.  You may know that it is quite handy. Suppose you are puzzled about the security of streaming over the network. Then don’t worry at all. You should give thanks to the encryption because VPN uses that encryption to hide all of your personal information and data. 

On the other hand, it will be a significant step not to write down your personal information for more security. From our experience, we can assure you that there are hundreds of trusted  VPNs source, and we can also recommend the  ExpressVPN as the best solution to overcome your problem at a crucial moment.

One more thing the fact is that ExpressVPN has made itself with various ultra-fast connections with reliable protection, and on the other hand, it will provide you with ease of download and use. Besides, this is portable to use, and you can use it on many devices at the same time, such as Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, and so many ultramodern gadgets. This is also beneficial for you, and above all, it is cost-effective. 

Moreover, if you register with ExpressVPN for one year, you will receive three months of free time. We can assure you that it will increase your interest in watching every fight hosted by UFC. So hurry up, just go for it. It can be an excellent choice to pick and grab all the facilities coming with it.

How to Watch UFC 254 Live Stream on ESPN+ PPV in the US

If you are a US citizen, then it will be easier to watch the live stream. But your mind is storming that How can it be so easy? Let’s look at how you can watch any UFC program with ESPN+ PPV in the US. In the United States, regular  UFC viewers may already know about the procedure of the fact that ESPN+ provides exclusive rights to all UFC fights around. So it is quite clear that  ESPN+PPV can be one place where you can watch UFC 254 in mid-October of this year.

We will obviously say that it’s totally up to you how you choose to watch an event. For example, whether you may already log in an account or may purchase an ESPN subscription. If so, then it will be the most convenient way for you, and that is to use the UFC Fight Pass for approximately 100 USD and enjoy the show. You are right, and this sounds a lot of money and a bi5 expensive for only watching a show. But this option will give you access to the UFC 254 PPV.

But the subscribers who have previously signed up for ESPN+ will have to go for a slightly different path to watch the program. And for this system, you have to pay the PPV directly for about 70 USD dollars.   

And don’t worry, if you choose pay-per-view features then, when you open it you won’t be outside of the United States  You need do one thing, and that is to just scroll down in the further options to search how to watch the UFC 254 live broadcast from outside of your area.

How to Watch UFC 254 Live Stream  in the UK

Martial art has an exclusive UFC broadcast right in the United Kingdom, and there are bunches of scopes to watch 254 live streams as a UK dweller. They offer great surprises for their subscribers. For the subscribers, the exciting good news is that major UFC events are streamed at free of cost on the Internet, and the offer is given based on how much they spend on PPVs in other countries around the world a real joy for the regular subscriber.

They also applied this to UFC 250 and 251, and we would be surprised if BT changed their direction and made the UFC 254 a pay-per-view program. Still, the broadcaster did not officially confirm its plans for its upcoming card, and it also provides a fight-free play page that will allow you to view the full UFC main card at any moment.

You will be happy to know that the UK’s UFC events begin less frequently than any other social event, which is usually very convenient and a matter of relaxing for the viewers.  

Whenever you watch the MMA, UFC 254 coverage is also available through the BT Sport app and on their website. Remember that you should not forget to give thanks to a monthly pass of £25 you now get BT Sport without providing huge commitments.

On the other hand, If you are a BT Sport subscriber but are outside the UK and want to watch this fight then follow the steps with using a straightforward and convenient tool —you just connect to a VPN and follow the instructions which are in the above for a real and exciting experience.

How to Live Stream  From Australia

Australian viewers are crazy about the UFC 254 live streaming. It is a Foxtel Main Event. Prices may vary from others, but to get this, you have to pay at least  $54.95 to get the PPV subscription. Though it is quite expensive, this gives you a scope to participate in the entire competition and watch all the fights live. 

Moreover, you can watch partials of the UFC 254 card through the Kayo Sports streaming service. And this service is cheaper than any other channel or medium in Australia.Along with all other benefits, this service offers you a 14-day free trial, and each AFL and NRL is the next game where you will get the same services. So you can surely give a jump to this lucrative option immediately.

How to Watch Live Free From New Zealand

If you are from Zealand, then there is a piece of good news for you that you won’t miss a little part of the fight. Although the final details have yet to be confirmed, MMA, the fans from New Zealand, are sticking to catch up about every aspect with the UFC 254t, which will be held on October 25.As you know, like other streaming platforms, they will charge you a PPV of about  $ 39.95. 

And If you want to watch the whole event, you can choose actually. They are: you will receive a UFC Fight Pass, or you can download a VPN to watch UFC 253 online from abroad and also manage a  streaming service or TV channel, and you can useit.

How to Streaming Live on UFC.TV  with Fight Pass and PPV

With the UFC Fight Pass, you are welcome to watch UFC 254 Preliminary Fights. So to have open access to the main event, you have to buy a  PPV from the UFC.tv. And then all wait is just for clicking the order button in the UFC.tv.

On the other hand, you can choose the UFC 253 PPV package. Keep in mind that there is also an option to watch the bout after a month, or when it adds to your Fight Pass library, you can see it too.

How to Watch UFC 254live Stream Without Cable Connection

No cable Connection! But you want to watch UFC 254?

Don’t worry, and we are ready to provide information about it to you. This chapter is for non-cable users like you who don’t have cable or forget cable with them.

 Many online live streaming service providers on the Internet advertise about almost every sport to watch live. After reading this part, you will be able to find a company that will provide you with the best service—provider among them. Please google about them and hire one suitable for you to watch the UFC 254 event live streaming. 


If you don’t have any cable, then Fubo tv can also be a great option to watch the live stream of UFC 254.It is a USA based streaming service provider. Any user can watch the show through this tv. They will provide You notification about every major sporting event like UFC, boxing, wrestling, etc. They have excellent customer policy.

If you want to watch UFC 254, you need to subscribe to their monthly package for using Fubo tv as early as possible. Don’t Overthink because this option is flexible. They will provide you a 7-days free trial and enjoy this fight within this free trial period if you buy it wisely.

You can sign up for fuboTV any time from here. So go for it now!

Sling TV

Sling tv is one of the best options for watching live streaming. It is a budget-friendly or cost-effective media streaming services, and Sling tvprovides you a scope to customize your package according to your convenience. Sling TV gives you three kinds of subscriptions within your budget. They are:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Orange + Blue

ESPN and ESPN are available within the Orange and Orange + Blue bundles. They also have a 7-days free trial option. You can sign up to ceiling TV from here and choose Sling Tv to watch every MMA fights.

Hulu with Live TV

It may sound weird how to watch  UFC 254 online stream online, but Hulu with Live TV is a spare package of Hulu. According to its name, you may assume that it focuses only on the Live TV plan. On the contrary, it will provide you a new video service also.

It costs about $39.99 per month. If you subscribe to this package, you will be eligible to enjoy the essential channels, including those that broadcast the upcoming  UFC 254 or 255 fight, and the related chains are related to CBS Sports, ESPN, and  ESPN+ too. So, if you are getting a massive number of channels you like; so you can surely use the Hulu with Live TV.

However, his particular option comes with a 50-hour space for storing cloud DVR service. Besides these benefits, you can upgrade at any time with a specific amount.

How to Watch UFC 254 Live on other media

Maybe you are being upset now because you think that those who don’t love gadgets, what will they do? No worries

You can also enjoy  UFC 254 live stream on your social media. Nowadays, social media this user prefer to watch anything on Facebook or other platforms. Social media has been another great information disburse. You will be amused to know a video take only a few minutes to go viral on a social platform. You will get information about some of the social media platforms, where you get plenty of content about this forthcoming UFC event.


Most of us spend our leisure on Facebook.Nowadays, it is becoming a must-have social media platform, and it has become anoption for live broadcasts, many people are using it for live events. So you can as well search UFC 254 live stream on Facebook then go their Facebook page. You will find the available options, and watch the fight also.  

Youtube TV

  YouTube ranked itself as a renowned platform that can guarantee the live broadcast of the UFC 254 Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje fight. We all know that most channels broadcast the event can be accessed through this popular social media platform. For example, subscribe to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) channel on YouTube and watch all of their previously posted content, including UFC 254.


Twitter is another popular social media platform where you can stay updated with all the new information about the UFC fights and any other game. On Twitter, you can follow accountsrelated to the battle, and even you can follow the celebrity’s account to remain updated.

On that point, you can access some content that was generally ranging from short videos to photos live as the fight happens. If you follow the UFC Twitter account, then I can say you will never miss any match.


Those who don’t like to stay connected in social media, for them Reddit is the best platform where you can rely on intensely towatch every single information about UFC thenopen. An account in Reddit and enjoy the show of 254 live streams. 

How to Watch UFC 254 Live Free on Mobile Devices

Teenage friends of UFC will be excited to know that you can also join the show with your mobile devices. And for getting these benefits, you just need the latest android version phone, and there you go!!

You can use your cellphone set and enjoy the UFC live stream by downloading the UFC app for Android. So follow this step-by-step guide to know how to watch UFC on Android.

 First, go to play store, and there choose — the UFC app.

Then download and Install the Ivacy VPN app for Android access. Don’t skip the part. It is the central part, you can say.    

Then Disable your location services from Android and 

Stop forcibly playing in the store.

Clear your cache from memory and Google Play store data.

Click on “Country.” Option

 Then select your location. Such as you can choose Australia as your location.

Here, You will get an Australian IP address. 

Then You will be connected automatically.

After that, finally, you can download and activate the official UFC app on your Android device and step forward and play UFC 254 in real-time on your Android device without any hassle.

UFC programs are areas restricted. Therefore, they only cater to local audiences. So, to watchKhabib’s battle against Gaethje, please use a VPN, a fast, reliable, and affordable VPN service.

Apple TV UFC 254 live

If you’re a fan of apple brand and using an Apple TV  subscription at home,  then congrats lucky man!! In this section, we will explain how to watch 254 live streams, which will help you make things easier. And this can the best way to watch online on Apple TV for free.

It is not a dream for sure you can watch it for free using your favorite brand of Apple tv. No later, Stick to us and keep reading to prepare yourself to watch this exciting MMA matchup fight on your Apple TV from anywhere or every corner of the world.

So the process is that.

 You can watch UFC 254 on Apple TV through ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass wherever you are. So buy an apple tv subscription and there you watch MMA fights.

FireStick TV UFC live

Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV, is one of the most used devices in the world. So, it is quite evident that watching UFC on Firestick isn’t going to be difficult for you if you have any experience with streaming live on Firestick TV before.

But for the beginner user, we are going to suggest that it is elementary to enjoy the show UFC 254 on FireStick TV. You can watch UFC 254 live stream in your  Firestick account through ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass wherever your location is.

Watch UFC 254 Live on Apps with Xbox

 Xbox,  one of the most popular mediums for watching BT sports programs. Because it provides the most convenient service within medium budgets, they offer savings up to 25.99 dollars by purchasing it for their new subscriber. On the contrary, their existing subscribers can also get UFC pay-per review service. So, to watch UFC 254 fight, ensure complete the following steps.

 1. First, install the ESPN app on your XBOX One One and

2. Then log in your ESPN+ account

3. But If you do not have an account, then you’ll have tosign-up first. Don’t skip the step. you shouldn’t sign up later

4.   Then Start the PPV after understanding the manual.  

5. And finally, stay tuned with it to enjoy the UFC PPV!

Watch UFC 254 Live on Apps on Roku Tv and Chromecast

Congratulations!  UFC 254 streaming is now available on Roku tv and Chromecast. So now use your Roku Tv.Just install your Roku tv, or you can subscribe newly in there and Chromecast to watch the fight. You have to fill up the same requirements as Xbox one, and then you can enjoy the battle with these two options.

Watch UFC 254 Live from a PlayStation

 The good news is that many popular pay-per-view events are available via Live Events purchases in the PlayStation® Store Nowadays. You can think about how amusing it is! Now we will provide you some exciting and easy process so that you can get the opportunity to enjoy the show from the play store.

here we will be going to explain to you how can you use the chance:

 1:  First you need to go to the PlayStation®Store then,

 2: Here, you will find menu options then scroll to Movies & TV in the play station.

 3: Here, you can select All Live Events and find the fight to purchase. You will be a little upset to hear that there are no refunds available for this purchase.

4: One more thing, you can also purchase the fight from the web and watch this program from your PlayStation system. 

Smart DNS proxy

A smart DNS proxy is a great option to watch UFC live stream. It is connected with Sling tv, we said earlier, you can use Sling tv to watch the fight—Forsling tv. Moreover, a Smart DNS proxy is a must. To view 254 or 255 live streams, you need to Go to the smart DNS website.

There, you need to create a free trial account by following their instructions. Then you will get a sling tv gift card and then sign up to visit and enjoy any kind of show.

How do I buy UFC 254 tickets?

We informed you earlier that UFC authority still now didn’t announce any specific location or venue for the upcoming UFC 254 match, so we can’t give you any updates about this issue. Nevertheless, we can feel your excitement about booking tickets.

The UFC authority offers tickets to their show a few months before the inauguration of the fight ceremony. So it seems that they Will announce it as early as possible. Furthermore, if you want to confirm tickets, then after announcing, you have to go to their website and find Tickets for the next UFC event in your area. And if you want to avoid the crowd in this pandemic, you can also go to the Tickets section of UFC.com.

How much do UFC 254 Tickets cost

Still, now UFC authority didn’t finalize anything about their 254 events tickets. But from previous knowledge, we inform you that there are few factors responsible for the increasing prices of UFC tickets. Usually, you will find the tickets from $64 to $100, and the average cost is near about $ 208 also. Moreover, ticket prices can vary on an hourly basis, and it is also class-based.

UFC 254 News

The excitement of UFC fans is blowing in the air. According to Khabib’s Instagram post, he took an oath to drown Gaethje. He described Gaethje as a savage in his position, replying to Joe Rogan’s post. 

Nurmagomedov (28-0, 12-0 UFC) is one of the greatest and highlighted fighters in MMA history. As you know, he has an unmatched ground game. And if you look at  Gaethje (22-2, 5-2 UFC), it is considered one of the sports’ best strikers.

But the twisting factor is that Gaethje also a 1st Division  All-American wrestler. His all-arounder image can prove to be the most challenging test yet for the undefeated Nurmagomedov. So cross your finger and let’ wait or the head to head competition.

UFC 253 Fight Odds

In every UFC season, you will find many rumors and surprising predictions about who will win the crown. All these odds play an essential rule. So have a look at the odds of our two heavyweight candidates.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje Odds

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje Odds

Fighter odds 

Khabib Nurmagomedov     -225

Justin Gaethje      +190

FAQ about UFC

How can I buy UFC PPV

Well, if you don’t have an ESPN+ subscription, then you need to buy UFC PPV to watch UFC 254 live streaming. First  go to the website is here

Here you can buy PPV for near about 80 dollars and then after the set up you can watch shows.

 How to watch UFC Fight Pass?

➡The Ultimate Fight Championship pass is available in the world. But it is only unavailable in Brazil. To watch programs from Brazil, you can use it on any device like Computer, Laptop, Apple Tv, Xbox One, Xbox 360 degree, etc.

What is Pay-per-view?

It is a subscription service of webcast or television, paying by specific companies. In this system, a viewer can purchase events or show to enjoy it personally. The broadcaster company shows the events at the same time after ordering it.

Final Words about UFC 254

For Ultimate Championship Fighting  254, this is the information we have to us. In this article, we have to sum up every ins and out of about the UFC 254 events. Moreover, we provide you the information about how to watch UFC 254 live stream online. We hope this information will help you to be more enthusiastic about watching online mixed martial arts program.

And for your information, we would like to say that we will provide our service to you as we provide for UFC 251, 252, and 245. Until then, if you still have any queries, don’t forget to inform us by commenting below. We will try our utmost to fill up your questions about many other sports events. And as a crazy fan of MMA, don’t miss any of their upcoming events. Till then, enjoy your leisure time watching MMA.

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