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Sportsliveon operates by controls your visit with our Privacy Policy.

We interpret that how to collect data, Security haw, and how to publish your information that collects from your use of our service.
We use your information to enhance my service.
I think you agree with the collection and use of information in following that policy.
All agreements with us will be managed by keeping in touch with you.


Personal information refers to data about a living person who can be identified from that data. Usage Data is generated through the user of a service (for example, the duration of a page view). Cookies are small files stored on your device.

A data controller means a natural or legal person who determines the purposes and methods of how personal data will be processed for any purpose. We use a data controller for the aim of this Privacy Policy.

Data Subject is a living user who uses personal information.

We collect various information for several purposes to promote our service.

What kind of information we are collecting?

Personal Information
1. Your name
2. Your Email ID
3. Phone number
4. Your address
Cookies and Usage Information
Probably we use your personal information for marketing or promotional materials.
When you visit our service we are collect your information that sends your browser like (IP address).

We use cookies on our service.

If you don’t take cookies you can’t be using some of our services.

Other information

We collect other information while using our Service.
1. sex
2. age
3. date of birth
4. place of birth
5. actual address
6. telephone number (work, mobile)
7. details of documents on education
8. qualification
9. professional training
10. family members

In that place, we can provide your information

1. Our subsidiaries and partners
2. We use your information to service providers, contractors, and third parties for support our business.
3. any other cases we use data with your consent.

Security of your information

Your information is very important to us for security.
However, keep in mind that no method of transmission to the Internet is 100% Secure.
Through we are 100% try to using acceptable ways to protect your persona information. We can show advertisements to you to support and maintain our services with using third-party service providers.

Others site links

Including the other sites links into our services beyond our limits.
We give advice to you to flow their Privacy Policy of every site that you visit.

Policy for Children

Our services are not under 18 years age. We can’t collect Personal information from under 18 years of age.

Update this Privacy Policy

We can change our policy any time and In any case. We inform you of any changes to our privacy policy. But sometimes I can’t do that. We recommend reviewing this policy at certain times.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our policy, please send a message via email to

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